Presentation Time Limitations and Structure

Authors have 10 minutes for an Oral Communication: 8 minutes for the presentation + 2 minutes for questions and answers.

The presentation should be structured as follows using a maximum of 5 slides:
-Title with authors and institutions
-Rationale and objectives

An optional 6th slide may be accepted if it includes pertinent information or images


Oral communications will be performed in Room C, Room D, Miradero. You can find the room for each presentation in the programme of the congress.

A technician will be available before and during the presentation in the presentations room to assist the speaker if required.

In the session´s room, the following equipment is available:
• 1 video projector
• 1 computer (PC)
• 1 lectern with microphone

Presentation Requirements and Supported Formats

• Presentations must be delivered to the technical team at least three hours before the start of the session or the previous day for the early morning sessions.

• The PS System (PC) supports the presentations made with the following tools (latest versions):
• Microsoft Office Programs
• Adobe PDF

• The presentations prepared on a Macintosh need to be converted to be compatible with Office 2010 (PC):

• Please plan enough time in the preview room as the conversion of the files may be lengthy.

• We do not guarantee that after the conversion of documents prepared with Keynote, the presentation will be completely identical, particularly the animations.

• The PS System (PC) supports the Standard Western Europe fonts. If the presentation contains special characters or need other fonts, they have to be provided by the speaker before the congress.